Interactive Applications and Games.

Open Frameworks

Domotic, Robotics, Audio/Video Processing.

We are a software development studio based in Montevideo - Uruguay.


Our team is composed by excellent professionals. Analysts, designers and software engineers converge in a highly productive environment.

UX & Human-Computer Interaction Proficiency

One of our main objectives is to make technology easier to use. In order to do that we have a specialized team in Human-Computer Interaction and in UX design.


Our teams consist of people with great creativity and vision, which is reflected in the solutions we develop.

Continuous Improvement

As technology is ever-evolving there is a need to always be up to date with the latest and greatest, and thus we are driven to expand our knowledge in order to improve both our products and ourselves.


Unity 3d

Unity 3D is a powerful tool, which combines a state-of-the-art rendering engine with an easy to use and accessible development environment. With it we are able to do mobile applications, games, and let our creativity run free.

Wikipedia article on Unity 3d


One of the most important and extensively used frameworks for a myriad of interactive solutions. C++ based, it combines several libraries for managing network, video/audio processing among others which help bring interactivity to the next level.

Wikipedia article on OpenFrameworks

.Net Framework

A widely used framework for software development, known for its versatility, development speed and ease to use. We have several years of experience with it, specifically with web development, C#, VB and C++

Wikipedia article on .NET Framwork

Web UX

HTML5 FTW! We love HTML5, and thrive creating beautiful web user experiences and interface designs. We are proficient in the use of Javascript, Jquery CSS and other related technologies.

Wikipedia article on HTML

What do we offer?


Give us a problem and we will solve it. We see things from an engineer perspective, and bring accurate solutions to our clients.

IT Partnership

We can gather dedicated teams of professionals to create an IT human engine. This lets the client leave behind the management of internal IT human resources and focus in the things that matter for the business.

Software Development

Our team can take a project from its beginnings and fulfill it. Always having a step ahead we make the project specifications a reality effectively and efficiently

Custom Software/Hardware Solutions

We create the necessary hardware and software controllers to introduce technology in other things, such as art, domotic, interactive stands and more.

Show Control:

We are currently working on a project in which we are developing a central show control system to design and play an entire show with a set of synchronised industrial robots, and lighting effects.