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Some of our deeds

Vodafone BEC - Engaging audience and scenery.

Subito Red entrusted us with the task of developing a set of three Android apps.

GuideApp, an app used by the tour guide to control the various scenes in a museum.

ParticipantApp, an app used by the visitors with which they can interact with the exhibitions.

BrainstormingApp, an app used by the guide and the participants to share thoughts and ideas on a big screen

On the go, we also made one Video Player with Bézier curved quads in Openframeworks to create a 3D half-moon screen, a 15 meter long interactive screen, projections in columns, doors, etc; an audio player synchronized with the video player with 24 channels; a set of Arduino applications to control physical things, a Unity/Leap Application; a converter from OSC/TCP/SERIAL Converter and a bunch of other things

Team [Christian Clark] [Germán Clark] [Federico Linn]
Client Subitored