About Us

We are a software development studio
based in Montevideo - Uruguay.
Creativity and vision are embedded in each solution we deliver. We have grown a specialized team in Human-Computer Interaction and in UX design, striving to make technology easier to use. An ever-evolving technological environment drives us to expand our knowledge, to improve our products and ourselves, keeping up to date with the latest and greatest.

Our Partners

Tour de Force

We love to create cross technology solutions.

Interactive Development

In Shaman, analysts, designers and software engineers converge in a highly productive environment rocking at interaction design. Creating phygital products to enhance the user experience is one of our pillars.

Professional Services

We can solve it! No matter what your ideas, problems or needs are, we will be the partner you need to be successful. Thanks to our expansive technology stack and experience we are equipped to provide and deliver cutting edge solutions and consulting.

IT Partnership

We can assemble a dedicated team of professionals to create an IT-cranking human engine that will set you free from internal IT resources management, and let you focus on the things that matter for your business. Startups and established high-end companies trust our services.

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